Tuesday, September 28, 2010

John Michael Trautvetter's Land Articles

I've gotten some good behind the scenes emails about the John Michael Trautvetter articles (the last two to go out). I'm answering those as time allows--but I do appreciate them. Readers with ancestors far away from Illinois have said the articles gave them ideas for their own research, which caused their questions.

I'm hoping to incorporate some of their comments and ideas into other articles. I've got a few more records that illustrate other land ownership issues, women's property rights, etc. One is in what was the frontier of Virginia in the 1760s-1780s and one is somewhat later.

I finally think I've figured out why a will was denied by a judge in 1900 even though a search of the court journals and ledgers made no mention of the reason behind the denial. That too is an interesting study of property rights and inheritance. Even though that family was very German with very German names the concepts are applicable to just about anyone as the ethnic group has absolute nothing to do with the real legal issues involved.

Subscribers know that John's heirs had a little difficulty because one of children had died and the grandchildren had an in-law for a guardian. John's brother had a daughter who also died young along with her husband. That couple died a few years after John's daughter and her husband.

In the other case the child also inherited property and real estate via her mother. A relative of the father immediately filed for guardianship. The mother's family filed a counter-petition and eventually appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court. The mother's family received guardianship and I've wondered if they learned from what happened with John's family as the situation was similar and just a few years earlier. Getting the papers of the appeal is on my long-term to do list.

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