Friday, October 8, 2010

6 Husbands, 4 States...

I've quit researching (for now) Emma Sargent, born ca. 1840 in Canada. The data collecting has stopped and I'm organizing what I have. I have derivitative sources for 4 marriages and we'll look at that. I have information that hints at two additional marriages or relationships which we'll see as well.

Emma (under one of many names), has been located in the following census records:
  • 1850 US Census--with mother and step-father-in Illinois
  • 1856 Iowa State Census--with first husband
  • 1860 US Census--with first husband-in Missouri
  • 1875 Kansas State Census
  • 1880 US Census--in Iowa
  • 1910 US Census--in Oklahoma
Readers are free to look for her in 1900 and 1870 after the issue has run live. Searching for her requires an understanding of her marriage chronology which I'm not going to post here. Subscribe now and get in on the fun!

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