Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Benjamin Butler in 1865

This 1865 Illinois State Census enumeration for a Benjamin Butler in LaSalle County, might be the Benjamin we've been tracking in Michigan, Iowa, and Missouri. There's a reason I think he might be in Illinois in 1865, and we'll see if the enumeration is reasonably close to the family structure that's been developed for Benjamin using census and other records. We'll compare that structure with this enumeration and what is known about Benjamin.

The problem with the 1865 Illinois State Census enumeration is that age categories are all that is listed. 

Moving around seems to be the norm for Benjamin. We'll revisit Benjamin in a future of Casefile Clues, hopefully by the end of November.  We've also found his apparent second marriage on Beta FamilySearch. And that's the one fly in the ointment. His 1864 marriage is several states away. If all these records are him. Subscribe and see how reasonable the case is. We'll also have citations to all the documents used as well.

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