Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Comments on Emma Sargent Article

Getting a lot of good feedback on the article on Emma Sargent. This is part of one message:

"I glanced through this and it sure seems the BEST I have seen yet! Looking forward to a thorough read."

I am looking forward to continuing the research on Emma and adding updates in future issues of Casefile Clues as it warrants. I've gotten a few suggestions and hope to incorporate some of those into future issues. 

I'm trying to think of some way to display the information (at least the basic relationships) on Ira Sargent in some web-based format for readers and others to see. Any suggestions are welcome and can either be posted here or emailed to me privately. One requirement is that any method of posting be relatively simple. I don't have time for anything complex and don't want to take away from what time I do have for the newsletter. 

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