Thursday, October 7, 2010

Regrouping and Organizing on Emma.

Issue 7 will discuss organization and re-grouping on a "newly found" relative. Regular readers are familiar with Ira Sargent. His sister, Emma, has been located thanks to the beta site at In fact, quite a bit was located about her. After a while I had to stop data collecting/gathering and start doing some organization and analysis. That's the intent of issue 7.  Emma was born about 1840, probably in Canada. So far, she is known to have lived in Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

There will admittedly be some secondary information used in this issue--we'll talk about that. Part of the point this time is analysis and problem-solving, getting to original sources, determining what's going on behind the scenes (as best we can), etc. Most of our sources used at this point are derivative and we'll discuss that as well.

The hope of course is that something on Emma leads to more details on her parents.

Subscribe now and see how Emma's turning into a mini-series. This family is full of interesting characters.

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