Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SS5 for Martha Greenstreet Received

Maybe it was because I submitted the request on her 110th birthday (30 September 2010).

Today I received the "Application for Social Security Account Number" for Martha Ann Greenstreet--daughter of the Ira Sargent we've mentioned in Casefile Clues several times.

This is one of the earlier forms I've received--it is from 1943.

There are no great revelations on it, but Martha indicated her father was William Ira Sargent--good confirmation of his name being William Ira and not just Ira. It also gave the last name of her mother, Ira's second wife. The maiden name was a variation on a maiden name I already had and may help me trace this woman as well.

We'll analyze the SS5 form in a future issue of Casefile Clues. I was just excited to receive it so quickly.

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