Saturday, November 27, 2010

Does this look like Trientje to You?

Would you have thought that the entry for family 21 was for a Trientje Sartorius and her son Claude Sartorius? For starters, the census taker has Trientje's first and last name inverted. The handwriting is so difficult to read it's a wonder the first names aren't too bad to decipher.

Trientje's one of the individuals for whose manifest entry I'm searching for issue 13 of Casefile Clues. The census was analyzed to determined if the immigrant children living in 1900-1930 gave any good information about their immigration. Turns out they gave a wide range of years for their immigration and in this one, Trientje listed an "unknown" year of immigration.

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Trientje also listed her citizenship status as "unknown," but that's a topic for another column.

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