Monday, November 15, 2010

Issue 11--Signed It, But Could Not Read It

I'm finishing the pre-proof copy of Issue 11. Issue 11 focuses on another court case, this one resulted from an incorrectly drawn up contract signed by German immigrants who could not read it. There are a variety of clues contained in the document and we will see what research options are based upon the document. Our focus is on the document and what it says and does not say--I'm trying to be better about bringing "additional things" about the family as this one is one that I've researched quite a bit over several years.

A subscriber told me recently that "most of your articles don't pertain to my research directly, but I get ideas sometimes." That's the whole thing we're trying to accomplish in Casefile Clues. We're adding some new locations and records in the future, but I don't to write about something with which I'm not familiar. I'm trying to concentrate on analysis and organization which I think is missing in most of the genealogical publications that aren't academic type journals.

I've been told that my ancestors left more records than anyone else's family. I'm not convinced of that either, but I'll save comments on that for another time.

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