Sunday, November 7, 2010

Issue 9-Benjamin Butler's Probate

Issue 9 is being wrapped up for proofreading.

It discusses the probate file for Benjamn Butler in Vernon County, Missouri, in the 1880s. We've discussed Benjamin before in Casefile Clues--using indirect proof to connect him to his daughter Ellen who married in 1870 and tracing him from Iowa in 1870 to southern Missouri in 1880.

His probate contains few direct genealogical details. However, it allows us to:
  • connect the Iowa Benjamin Butler to the Missouri Benjamin Butler
  • better establish Benjamin's moves
  • determine additional records to research
Even records that don't seem to tell us much may tell more than we think. I still need to determine if I can determine the motivation for Benjamin to move from Michigan where he lived apparently until the early 1850s to Iowa, then Nebraska, then Iowa, then Missouri where he died in the 1880s.

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