Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still Time for Back Issues from Year 1

There is still time to get back issues from year 1 before they are only sold on at quite a higher price. 20 November is the last day--don't wait. This is a good bargain for all 52 issues. Issues are sent to you as separate PDF files...spread over a couple of days so your inbox isn't filled to capacity.

Topics and ordering information is on our site at

I appreciate the feedback I have been getting from readers, including one who said:

"I really enjoy reading and learning from these.  I am picking up new things along the way..... so I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks..........even after researching for 35 years."

We're looking forward to continuing work on Year 2 of Casefile Clues--but add Year 1 to your collection before you forget.

Email me at if you need ordering information for sets not listed on the blog post.

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