Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Twenty Years Ago a Girl Missteps...Issue 12

The headline was "Claim Not Allowed." The subheadline really serves to dramatize the case--"Twenty Years Ago a Girl Missteps..."

The 1892 newspaper write up from Quincy, Illinois, is colorful and full of clues about the family of Ulfert Behrens, particularly his daughter Volke. In issue 12 from Volume 2 of Casefile Clues we will look at the article and see what clues it contains and where research should progress based upon the newspaper article.

The writer apparently enjoys making puns based upon the names of some of the individuals involved. There's a slight air of condescension in some of his prose.

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  1. Sounds really interesting! Looking forward to being able to "read all about it"! ;-)

  2. Thanks! Issue 12 should be out now. There may be an update, either here on the blog (if it's short) or in an actual issue.