Thursday, November 25, 2010

Using the Census to Search for a Passenger List--for issue 13

In the next issue of Casefile Clues, we are going to use an 1860 census enumeration as a springboard to searching for a family in the passenger list indexes. Often we simply don't have complete information to allow us to effectively search passenger lists, particulary for individuals who never naturalized or who were naturalized before the naturalization reform of 1906.

Our discussion will focus on organizing an effective search and tracking that search so that all options are searched and none are overlooked. It won't be applicable just to those with nineteenth century immigrants.

Researchers who search databases in a variety of time periods and locations will find some food for thought. And that's the whole goal. Sometimes when I write about my 19th century immigrants, I get research ideas for my ancestors who lived elsewhere 100 years earlier.

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