Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Casefile Clues Does Not Share

There are some things we share at Casefile Clues and some things we do not. The things we do not share at Casefile Clues include:
  • your credit card number--actually PayPal (which processes the payments) tells me nothing about your credit card, so there's nothing to share. If the charge is approved, PayPal sends me a receipt--no card number is on it. Your credit card number is never even seen by me.
  • your physical address--that usually comes with the PayPal receipt. PayPal uses it to help process the credit card transaction. I never use the actual physical address for anything and, in fact, don't often really even look at it.
  • your phone number--many of you don't include this, but for some it is a part of their PayPal account. I don't need this either. 
  • your email address--obviously this is used to send you copies of Casefile Clues. I don't share email addresses with anyone. In fact, I am the only one who does any processing of subscriptions, emails, etc.
When your payment/subscription is processed--what I am concerned with is your email, what kind of subscription you purchased, and your email address. That's it.

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