Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Page is This?

This is part of the 1860 census page that's being used in issue 13 of Casefile Clues .The page number really has nothing to do with the article (other than being a part of the citation for the census entry). It's a good example of why putting everything in context (a recent Tip of the Day) is an excellent idea. The previous page is 883 and the subsequent page is 885, so there's little doubt this is 884. Is the "4" tight in the binding and was not microfilmed completely? Was the digital image made in such a way that part of the microfilm image was cut off?

It makes an excellent point of the importance of including a source citation that indicates what type of "media" we used when reading the census (or any other record). If the page number had been some crucial element of the record, it would have been necessary to view an alternate image copy of the record if possible.

We'll be using this 1860 census entry as a springboard to passenger list searches for this family. If you aren't a subscriber to Casefile Clues, join now and get in on the discovery.

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