Thursday, December 23, 2010

Providing for My Deceased Daughter

Issue 16 of Volume 2 of Casefile Clues discussed naming irregularities in the will and estate settlement of Barbara Haase who died in Warsaw, Illinois in 1903. The image in this post is from part of her will that was not discussed in that issue.

In the second part of Barbara's will she allocates $30 for her tombstone and $30 for the tombstone of her daughter Frances. Barbara also indicates the person she desires to be her undertaker and that her coffin should be of plain lumber and covered with plain black cloth. This blog post includes a picture of Barbara's tombstone--apparently what $30 got in Warsaw, Illinois, in 1903. Barbara is  buried in the Lutheran Cemetery, Warsaw, Illinois.

The stone put on Frances' grave no longer exists. The stone on her grave today is much larger than this one and also includes her husband's information. Frances and her husband are buried at Bethany United Church of Christ Cemetery in Tioga, Illinois.

We've discussed John in Casefile Clues too. This cemetery is just a few miles from his 228 acre farm the acquisition and disposition which has been discussed in Casefile Clues.

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