Monday, January 10, 2011

Additional Followup Items from George Drollette's NARA Materials from Issue 19

As mentioned at the end of article 19, one needs to keep the goals of the research in mind when devoting time and money to researching a certain person or family.

It might not be really effective to research details of Drollette's career in China if I'm trying to locate descendants. Drollette is a brother of one of my wife's ancestors. He has certainly been interesting to research. I am really doubtful that additional records of his time with the State Department in China will actually further my research goals.

Time might be better spend determining the connection between Drollette and the man from Zanesville, Ohio, who vouched for Drollette's citizenship in 1922. As discussed in issue 18, there likely is something there.

It also might be a better use of time to search for information on Drollette's time after the state department and determine what happened to his wife after his death. Perhaps if there are consular records closer to 1933 (when Drollette died), those materials might mention other members of his family.

It might also be advised to determine what happened to his wife after he died in Saigon.

In some cases one can think of several possible areas to continue the research. In this case, the goals and the costs must be weighed with each choice.

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