Monday, January 24, 2011

Clark Sargent's Sister Lucinda Fairman

This death certificate for Lucinda Sargent Fairman was discovered on FamilySearch by searching for the names of Clark Sargent's parents. I knew about this sister, but did not know what happened to her and the last name I had for her was not Fairman.

We've discussed Clark somewhat before in Casefile Clues--he was the father of Ira Sargent. Part of my work on Clark involves documenting what happened to his siblings. Some of that information has been preliminarily obtained from submissions of others to online sites--but needs to be validated. Clark was apparently the only one of his family to migrate to northern Illinois and I'm wondering if any other family members were there. I'm also documenting Clark's siblings completely as there's not too much information on Clark's parents in the latter years of their lives and I'm working on firming up Clark's connection to his parents--hopefully via a probate, quitclaim deeds, etc.

Hopefully there'll be an update on the Sargent clan in records from New England, where it appears most of them stayed--except, unfortunately for Clark.
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