Sunday, January 9, 2011

Do You Have an Article on My Family or My Topic?

I get variations on this question all the time.

The answer to the first question is easy: "not unless you are related to my children." The only families I write about are those connected to my children. What that essentially means is that you likely won't see Jewish ancestors, Eastern European ancestors, or Hispanic ancestors in Casefile Clues. I'll never say never, because one just never knows. Otherwise the locations and time periods can vary. I only write about these families as they are the only ones I know enough about so that articles can be as complete and thorough as possible. We don't like to skim the surface in Casefile Clues.

As for your specific topic...

That really depends. I try and make titles include the record being analyzed or the time period and family situation being dicussed. The problem is that it is difficult in a title to cover all the varying concepts and problems one article might cover. And it is difficult for an article NOT on your family to give you detailed, specific, step-by-step help on YOUR family. One of the goals of Casefile Clues is to give you enough details of the process and procedure to give you ideas on your own family.

And sometimes brief descriptions aren't the best either. An excellent series on late nineteenth and early twentieth century land records in the Midwest had lots of German names, but the article itself really had nothing to do with German research at all.

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