Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Documenting May Drollette's 1934 Arrival

The is the "record" screen from the search for May Cintura Drolette in "Border Crossings: From Canada to U. S. 1895-1956" that was used in locating the 1934 entry in issue 20 of Casefile Clues.
The problem was that it was difficult (actually impossible for me) to determine the National Archives microfilm publication number from this screen and from the image to which it linked.
One of the things we use in the creation of citations at Casefile Clues is the NARA microfilm publication number. The citation indicates we used the digital image, but the citation still should refer to the actual NARA microfilm publication number.
Because deadlines always loom large, I went ahead and crafted a citation that did not include the publication number even though I didn't want to.
The citation we used provided enough of a trail so that someone else could find the same manifest image I did on Still I would have liked to have included the number in the citation.

Citations should always make it clear precisely where we located the information. Sometimes it may seem like a little too much detail, but it's important nevertheless.
We always write Casefile Clues so that it's not necessary to read the citations. Speaking from personal experience, creating them has greatly helped my research and caused me to catch some oversights and realize some leads that I had never followed up.
We'll post an update when I get the actual NARA publication number.
It is important for me to know precisely where got the information. Knowing it was from the National Archives is not specific enough. After all, it's a big place and they have a lot of microfilm (that's an attempt to be funny...)
 Hopefully I simply overlooked something in my haste to meet deadlines.
We'll post an update when I've got one. 

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