Friday, January 7, 2011

George Drollette's Attempts to be Promoted at the Chinese Legation

I'm in the final throes of putting together the article on George Drollette's attempts to get promoted at the Chinese Legation between 1901 and 1905. There is too much material to transcribe every letter and frankly the recommendations are repetitive. As a result, only salient points are being extracted. Key elements describing Drollette, other than the adjectives extolling his virtues, are included, such as:
  • anything hinting at a time frame
  • specifics of abilities Drollette has (language, typing, etc.)
  • anything mentioning a specific relationship the writer has with Drollette
The material was not in chronological order and apparently the backs of some letters were not copied. In most cases the back sides that were not copied only contained describers of the letter. Citing the letters is also proving to be a slight challenge as well.

The letters from his wife Marie are especially poignant. The reactions of one State Deparement official to her notes of support are interesting.

The picture of Drollette is nice as well. He is described as "handsome," but I'm not exactly certain what that has to do with being a stenographer.

We will see how the mateial was analyzed and used for future research.

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