Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lying About the Age, Secondary Information Can Be Wrong, and Globetrotters

Issue 20 wraps up most of what I have currently located on George Drollette and his wife-Marie, Mary, May, Mae (take your pick as to what to call her).

For reasons discussed in the article, I believe the statement on George's 1933 death report of his Saigon death that indicates his son was "by a previous marriage" was incorrect. Sometimes secondary information is.

It also seems clear that his wife got younger as she got older. Her date of birth on one passenger manifest indicates she was born after the ship arrived in the United States.

Because of the 1933 death record statement, May's use of Mary/Marie/May as a name, and her changing age, I wanted to be certain George Drollette wasn't actually married twice. Issue 20 makes the case that he wasn't.

We will also see how newspapers from the mid-20th century were really key to part of this research. The society pages write-ups of bridge parties actually were helpful for more than just adding a little "fluff" to our research.

And researching May at the end of her life still is not complete. She apparently was married again in the early 1940s and I am wondering how she was impacted by the second World War while living in Hong Kong during that era.

And there's a few other details I'll leave for the column. As usual, this one didn't go quite as planned.

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