Saturday, January 22, 2011

Merging Personalities and Records

Part of the problem with Mary/May Cintura Drollette from issue 20 was the fact that her name varied occasionally over time and that she "got younger" as the years progressed. The changing of the age was not a huge concern, but combined with the name, it did make me wonder if there were two wives for the same person.

Merging individuals from different records into the same "person" needs to be done with care.

Mary/May's ethnic background is not precisely known. It could very well be that in her ethnic background, Mary and May are entirely different. One has to be careful assuming just because names are "pretty close" that they are indeed referring to the same person. I have encountered families with daughters (both growing to adulthood) named Lucinda and Lucina.

We'll be looking at other cases of similar names and separating out identities in future issues of Casefile Clues. Subscribe now and get in on the discovery.

And as usual, we'll be discussing our method and citing our sources along the way.

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