Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Refusal to Probate Will in 1900

I'm still working on the will in 1900 that was refused probate by the judge with no stated reason.
I'm thinking at this point there there were two likely reasons:
  • She had no title to the property
  • She could not  leave husband out of will
In reviewing statute, a woman in Illinois in 1891 could own her own separate property and transfer that property, etc. I'm still looking to see if a married woman could simply leave everything to one child and completely leave the husband out.
The image comes from Google Books' version of the statute. Any statutes mentioned in Casefile Clues will be cited appropriately--making the distinction that the Google Books' version was used if necessary. Hopefully I'll have the groundwork on this article done in the near future--I'm squeezing in review of statutes when I can.
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