Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some Additional Thoughts on George Drollette--Issue 18

It always seems that after something has been finished, omissions come to mind. That is the case with issue 18 on the four passports of George Drollette.

Locating the various places George lived in China and Vietman might have been a good idea.
Place Names
While documents need to be transcribed as they are written, it would be good to learn the modern spelling of the locations mentioned in Drollette's passports.

I already have information for at least one follow up piece on George Drollette. I know why he went to Ohio in the 1920s and am somewhat convinced that the reference to a "previous" marriage in the record of his 1933 death is an error. That argument needs some writing up.

George's "application" to work for the American Minister to China has been obtained from the National Archives and will be featured in an upcoming issue. Work continues on consulate records from Hong Kong and other places where Drollette lived.

Minimal work has been done on his wife's family, largely because it was not seen as critical to the research on George as his interaction with his in-laws seems minimal after his 1901 departure from Indiana.

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