Monday, January 24, 2011

Spread the News About Casefile Clues

Casefile Clues does not have any paid advertising--word of mouth and no ads helps to keep our costs down.

So-if you have a genealogy friend who might be interested in Casefile Clues, please let them know about the newsletter.

These old blog posts have more information on Casefile Clues:
2 free samples can be received by sending an email to

Word of mouth helps us keep the newsletter and the website ad-free and helps keep our annual subscription rate low. The only thing we're trying to sell at Casefile Clues is newsletter subscriptions-we don't worry about keeping advertisers or anyone else happy and don't have any hidden agenda or axes to grind!

And suggestions for content and articles are always welcome.

Remember that Casefile Clues is always original, fresh content. We don't copy and paste material from other sites or articles. And some of this stuff we just can't make up!

Subscribe now and get in on the fun.

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