Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Starting to Get Ready for Salt Lake

Readers know that I lead an annual research trip to Salt Lake's Family History Library each May.

I'm working on my list and we'll be updating/improving it here as time goes on. As I get closer to the trip, I'll create a chart with film numbers, titles, and the specific items I'm going to look for on the film. This is a start, and at this point, not very detailed and definitely a rough draft as I'm pretty much brainstorming at this point. Some of these are individuals we've seen in earlier issues of Casefile Clues where entries from databases were used in our analysis but where actual records should be located.
  • Copies of actual marriage record for Emma Sargent Pollard in Iowa and Nebraska.
  • Copy of actual marriage record for Benjamin Butler and Nancy Wolfe in Richardson County, Nebraska.
  • Determine if Family History Library has divorce records from counties where Emma Sargent Pollard likely was divorced.
  • Copy of Thomas Frame naturalization record from Chicago in 1873.
I'm going to be reviewing earlier issues of Casefile Clues to determine what research suggestions I would like to work on while at the library. We'll be posting updates. Suggestions for things you'd like to see in Casefile Clues or items you'd personally like me to follow up on are appreciated.

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