Monday, January 17, 2011

Will of Belle Shaw May Shed Light on May Drollette

An item in "Courthouse Happenings" from the Zanesville [Ohio] Times Recorder, 2 November 1945, indicates that the will of Belle Shaw left a bequest for her sister Mrs. George Drollette.

We've discussed the Drollette and their globetrotting ways in issues 18, 19, and 20 from Casefile Clues. While the details of the will are not really germane to the problem at hand, the records of the probate may shed light on "Mrs. G. W. Drollette," particularly where she was in 1945 when the will was admitted to probate.

We're looking into having someone research the will and estate records of Belle Shaw to see what is said about Mrs. G. W. Drollette.

As mentioned in Casefile Clues, she's our real focus.

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  1. In 1941 May was in Stanley Internment Camp in Hong Kong. Her second husband J. Oram Sheppard, died in camp, and she was likely repatriated to the US with the other Americans in camp in 1942.