Thursday, February 10, 2011

Frauds and Embezzlements of Cuban Postal Officials

I ran across this reference while searching on Google Books. Casefile Clues readers will remember Philip Troutfetter. He is mentioned here in a 1900 report on Frauds and Embezzlements of Cuban Postal Officials, by J. L. Bristow to the Committee on Relations with Cuba. It was printed by the Government Printing Office in 1900. The image below relates to Troutfetter.

We are working on an update on Troutfetter down the road. So far, we have discussed his homestead records, and a copy of a partial investigation into him by the Post Office (located in an archives in Kansas). He also owned a newspaper in Kansas, was brought up on charges of stealing money from his mother-in-law, and was divorced from his wife around 1900. There's plenty of material for an update. Stay tuned.

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