Thursday, February 3, 2011

How Many Benjamin Butlers Had a Son George Born in Michigan in 1848?

It would seem that there would not be too many individuals fitting this scenario. However research does not often work that way.

  • The George Butler who dies in Wapello County, Iowa in 1912 was apparently born in Michigan in 1848. I don't have direct proof that Benjamin was his father, but indirect evidence indicates George was the son of a Benjamin Butler.
  • There is a George W. Butler who dies in Royal Oak, Michigan in 1904 and was apparently (according to a transcription of his death certificate) born in Michigan in 1848 the son of a Benjamin Butler.
Part of the analysis hinged on a 1850 census entry for a Benjamin Butler in St. Joseph County, Michigan. Earlier I had thought (and outlined the case), that this was the Iowa George Butler and was the Benjamin Butler who was in Davis County, Iowa, in 1870.

Does the location of this George W. Butler who died in Royal Oak in 1904 change things?

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Genealogy conclusions are always subject to the location of additional information. And situations like this are why it is imperative that we always completely analyze what we have and write up our conclusions so that when new information is located we can more easily incoprorate it into what we've already done.

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