Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ira Sargent Special

After twenty-five years, the parents of Ira were located. The "Ira Sargent" series of Casefile Clues articles can be purchased for $3.50. Ira was likely born in Ontario in the 1840s and lived in Illlinois, Iowa, and Missouri until his death in 1916. These articles discuss how his parents were located and how Ira was tracked. Ira's father died in approximately 1847 and his mother married again in 1849 and died in the early 1850s. Locating Ira's parents was not as easy task.

  • Volume 2-Number 2--A 1907 Committal--An insanity record--this also discusses Ira Sargent.
  • Volume 1-Number 46--Ira Located--the correct marriage record for Ira Sargent was located. This issue includes the image and a complete transcription, an analysis, additional searches that were conducted, and where to go next.
  • Volume 1-Number 45--Organizing My Search for Ira--discusses brainstorming to locate the parents of Ira Sargent, how and why records were prioritized, and how records would be searched.
  • Volume 1-Number 10--Connecting the Iras. Working to determine if two men of the same name are the same man.
  • Volume 1-Number 07--Looking for Ira's Lucretia. Working on my "brick wall" Ira through his sister Lucretia. mid-to-late nineteenth century work.
  • Volume 1-Number 04--Multiple Parents
Those later decide to purchase the balance of year 1 issues can do so here for $16.50.

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