Thursday, February 10, 2011

Issue 23 Off to be Proofed

Issue 23 will be proofed today.

It discusses the George Butler I had been working on and another George Butler who was very easy to confuse with the one I actually wanted. Both were born in Michigan about 1848 to a Benjamin. The problem was there aren't birth records in Michigan during this time period and I needed to establish that the 1850 enumeration I thought was for "my" Benjamin Butler actually was. We make the case for that in this issue of Casefile Clues.

One typically won't write out the analysis the way we do in Casefile Clues, but after putting it all together, I'm more convinced than ever that I have the "right" George. More importantly, the connection I have made between the Iowa Benjamin Butler and the Michigan Benjamin Butler in 1850 seems stronger than before.

That's important as George really isn't my focus--his sister Ellen is. This is a good case where really working on the sibling is hopefully helping me on the actual person I'm stuck on. Ellen "disappears" after the 1880 census in Illinois and I'm still hoping one of these days that a record on a sibling of hers will lead to more information on her.

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