Tuesday, February 8, 2011

May Drollette Marries in 1941

Regular readers of Casefile Clues will remember May Drollette from articles discussing her husband's passports and her travels back to the United States.
Records on May's apparent sister indicated May had married after George Drollette's death in Saigon in 1933. This marriage certificate, from the U. S. Consular Reports of Marriage (recently released at Ancestry.com), indicates that May married John Oram Sheppard in 1941. He was a subject of Great Britain and she was a US citizen.
We're working on an update on May and this is a great step in that direction. We'll also have a nice, cleaned up citation to these records too.
The image I've used here doesn't do justice to the the actual one at Ancestry.com--it's better than the image I included with this blog post. These records have not been microfilmed and were scanned by Ancestry.com as apart of their agreement with NARA.
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  1. J. Oram Sheppard was a founding member of the American Club in Hong Kong. Though British, and born in New Zealand, he worked for a US company most of his life. His first wife became a naturalized citizen in 1931.

    See more about him on Geni: