Saturday, February 5, 2011

Now's the Time to Get Casefile Clues

"Who Do You Think You Are" has increased traffic on our genealogy site. Knowing that the show, while entertaining, only scratches the surface, we're offering a discount on Casefile Clues to encourage those with an interest in family history to get beyond the things that they can find easily and dig deeper. There's a wonderful ,yet challenging, series of discoveries awaiting every family historian.

Because we all know genealogy isn't always easy Casefile Clues helps to give you the methodology tools and explanations to increase your own genealogy skills and accurately extend your family tree. We are not about "genealogy news" or the latest technology. Our focus is research. Learn more about Casefile Clues and what makes it different.

Casefile Clues does not accept advertising, either in the newsletter or on the Casefile Clues website. We have no hidden agenda (other than our subscribers).
Casefile Clues is not copied and pasted generic how-to information and we don't copy articles that others have written. Casefile Clues content is original and fresh. It's real research, real stories, and we readily admit that we don't always know all the answers. And as some of our subscribers can attest---we just can't make some of these stories up.

Subscribe now and grow your research skills and your family tree.

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