Friday, February 18, 2011


The television series "Who Do You Think You Are" on NBC has generated quite a bit interest in genealogy. The criticism is that it makes genealogy look too easy. The other side of the coin is that it interests people in genealogy and that the masses don't want all the details. Both aspects of this are true.

We are trying to bridge both sides of this coin at Casefile Clues. We know genealogy is interesting and we try and show that. We also know that sometimes it is not easy. We try and show that as well as yours truly is a big believer in realism.

If "Who Do You Think You Are" has gotten you interested in genealogy and you'd like to see a sample of Casefile Clues, send an email to for samples and more information. We don't try and make genealogy look easy, but we don't always try and make it super difficult either. And we like to enjoy the discovery along the way.

It is also my personal opinion that most how-to books are too basic and repeat information that's readily available elsewhere. We don't copy and paste how-to information into Casefile Clues articles and we don't gloss over the "boring details" either. So if the TV show has whet your appetite, consider giving us a try. We're not your typical genealogy newsletter. We try and be a genealogy how-to-letter. We'll leave the genealogy news to others .

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