Sunday, March 6, 2011

Alfred Butler-son of Benjamin

This "may" be the Civil War pension payment card for Alfred Butler, son of the Benjamin Butler we've been following in Casefile Clues. Regular readers may remember that Benjamin got around--in 1850 he was in Michigan, in 1870 in Iowa, in 1880 in Missouri, and he married his second wife in Nebraska in 1864. Based upon his census enumerations (and other information), there is a good chance one or more of his older children stayed in Michigan.

We will discuss this Alfred Butler in an upcoming issue of Casefile Clues and see why (or why not) he may be the son of Benjamin. There apparently are minors who qualified for a pension. This may be a good pension to request from the National Archives just to see what material is contained within it. We've not discussed Civil War pension records with minor benefits before.

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Note: These Pension Payment Cards have recently been released in digital format on the FamilySearch site.They appear under:

 United States, Veterans Administration Pension Payment Cards, 1907-1933. From the FamilySearch site: "Images of cards used by the Bureau of Pensions and Veterans Administarion to record the payment of pensions to veterans and widows. NARA publication M850."

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