Monday, March 21, 2011

Am I A Source for Enoch Tinsley's Birth?

In wrapping up the work for issue 28, which discusses the 1820-1870 census enumerations for Enoch Tinsley in Fleming County, Kentucky, and Rush County, Indiana, I got to wondering if I was the source for Enoch's place of birth.

Of course, I wasn't around when Enoch was born in the very late 1700s. However, the census records are the best thing (outside of his tombstone) that provides his age. Those records were analyzed together to reach a conclusion about when he was born. I just did not use one census record to reach my conclusion about when he was born--consequently I can't just point to one document that "proves" his age. My analysis is important too.

So I'm thinking I need a new "source." My analysis of those records is what I'm actually using to say Enoch was born when I think he was. I'll have to think about that. The write up on Enoch for Casefile Clues contains source citations for each census entry--but one entry by itself isn't my source.

I'll have to think about that.

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  1. You bring up a very interesting point. My approach has been to site my sources that I used to calculate a date or age and then to add notes to those sources indicating in what way they were used and then to also make a general note about the way I derived the particular information. I have cited a person who, using various primary documentation, gave me calculated dates/ages. I did not source the primary documents as such but rather the person and said what documents that person used. Later, when I came into possession of those documents I added those sources. Technically, I no longer needed to source the person who had initially given me the information because I had seen the primary documents with my own baby greens but I kept the person as a source stating that they had told me where to look - credit where credit is due.