Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Benjamin Butler's Wife After His Death

This is part of the death certificate for Nancy Jane Ray, widow of Charles Ray and former widow of Benjamin Butler. Butler, born ca. 1820 in New York State or Canada has been the focus of several Casefile Clues articles as he's an ancestor of mine.

Nancy Jane Wolfe married Benjamin in Nebraska and lived with him from then until his death in Vernon County, Missouri, in the 1880s. Benjamin and his first wife are the parents (likely) of my great-great-grandmother Ellen Butler Sargent.

Nancy was born in Pennsylvania in 1843 (according to this death certificate, which is consistent with census enumerations on Nancy). The death certificate only indicates her father's name was Wolf. One may think that the omission of a first name is not a big concern to my research. After all, Nancy is not a direct line ancestor and regular readers of Casefile Clues know that Nancy's place of birth of Pennsylvania doesn't come into play in Benjamin Butler's migration path. And after all, they married in Nebraska anyway.

However, there is a reason why I wish the record had given me the names of her parents. Stay tuned to Casefile Clues to find out.

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