Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brice Heirs Across the Country Named In Final Settlement

This is part of a letter that was in the estate file that was indexed as Anna Harper. This letter states that the individuals named were sent "notice of final settlement" in the Harper estate. The estate settlement was not quite as simple as it appeared to be on the surface and the relationship of the individuals to Harper was not stated.

Notices were sent to:

  • Mary Brice, Germantown, Philadelphia.
  • Sarah Brice, Germantown, Philadelphia
  • James Neill, August, Kansas
  • William Brice, Briceburg, California
  • Mary Brice, Kansas City, Missouri
  • James Brice, San Francisco, California
  • John Brice, Boston, Mass.
  • Jane Neill, West Point.

Jane and James Neill were children of Agnes Harper's sister, Anne Neill. The others' exact relationship I do not know. (Readers who have free time are welcome to search for any of the Brices listed--grin!).

I jumped to the conclusion (incorrectly) that Anna Harper was just a erroneous entry for Anges Harper. It wasn't. The estate papers clarified several things and included several interesting items. They also suggested additional records that I unfortunately did not have time to view while on my short research trip.

We'll have an update on the papers and their interpretation in an upcoming issue of Casefile Clues.

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