Monday, March 28, 2011

Comment on Potpourri Article

A reader had this to say about issue 25--the Potpourri article:

"Want to tell you also that the "Potpourri" in Nr. 25 is extremely helpful and a good reminder even for advanced researchers."

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  1. Hi Michael,
    Your blog posts about mistakes and omissions reminds me of my own difficulties finding the ship that brought my grandfather to America. I had his diary (but first I had to have it deciphered into readable German -- then I had to translate into English) which indicated when he had left the port of Bremen, and he had handwritten a ship name onto the facing page of his diary's start. So I assumed that was his ship--BUT I could never find his name on a ship manifest. Then a researcher of Transylvania Germans history found the problem: A lot of his data had been mis-transcribed: age way off; name misspelled, and the ship itself? Not the one he had written down. I wrote about the pitfalls in the post, Mystery of the Missing Manifest:
    (Sorry for the long link; couldn't get the word link to work.)

    It seemed to fit into the kinds of discoveries you're making as well. I'm enjoying your Well-writtenn blog and its many helpful posts.