Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Enoch Tinsleys and Software

I'm working on Enoch Tinsley for the next issue of Casefile Clues. We've discussed pre-1850 census records before, but this one is different, partially because he was not as easy to find as the others we've worked on in pre-1850 census records.

Enoch also is in quite a few census records--1820 through 1870. The 1820 census is when he is newly married and he likely is in his early 70s in the 1870 enumeration.

There's been some discussion of genealogical software on various genealogy blogs, websites, etc. We're not going to get into that discussion at Casefile Clues. Partially because it is because Casefile Clues is about the analysis, which I'm not certain software really helps with. Software can track quite a bit, but the analysis needs to come from the person. Software can make a good genealogist better, but a genealogist who had questionable analytical skills is not going to be better because they have software.

What would be really neat is if there were software that could tell me if there were people with the same last name as Enoch's wife's maiden name listed within say fifty names of Enoch. Now that's something I could use.

With that in mind, we're going to analyze Enoch, making certain we have the same man in six census records, discuss how he was located in those records, and what those records have to say about him.

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