Tuesday, March 8, 2011

For New Subscribers

A few items for new subscribers to Casefile Clues.

1) Issue 26 which just went out was the last issue from January of 2010. I am behind on issues, but am getting out one a week. If you have missed issues or questions please email me at casefileclues@gmail.com.

2) Issues are sent as attached PDF files from one of the following addresses:

  • michael.john.neill@gmail.com
  • mjnrootdig@gmail.com
  • casefileclues@gmail.com
3) Issues are all named casefile_clues_x_yy.pdf. "X" is the volume number and yy is the issue number. Some subscribers save their issues in one folder and this makes it easier for everyone to know what issues they have. 

4) Back issues from Year 1 can be ordered here (as well as viewing a list of topics) http://blog.casefileclues.com/2011/02/all-year-1-for-10-limited-time-and.html

5) Back issues from Year 2 can be ordered here (as well as viewing a list of topics) http://blog.casefileclues.com/2011/02/year-2-issues-1-22-topics-and-ordering.html

6) Updates regarding newsletter releases are always posted here as soon as the last batch has been emailed. We also post updates on our Facebook Fan Page when an issue has been emailed. Please check first before asking about your copy--there's a chance it simply has not been emailed yet. 

7) We greatly appreciate those who let others know about Casefile Clues. Casefile Clues does not advertise and word of mouth greatly helps. 

8) Casefile Clues does not accept any advertising on the website, on the blog, or in the newsletter itself. 

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