Saturday, March 26, 2011

How We Found Henry Fecht (the most recent contest)

Our winner located Henry Fecht in the New York City passenger lists by searching those lists  on Ancestry by performing a search on that site for “Hei* Fech*”.I used the same database and located them by performing a search for "Mar*" "Fech*"

Of course, there are other databases besides the one at that one could use. Castle Garden also has a website that has the records as well. 

I searched for "Mar*" instead of the husband as I was not certain whether Henry was listed as Henry, Hinrich, Heinrich, or Hienrich. I figured there were fewer ways to "mess up" the first three letter of Marie than there were to change the letters in Henry's name. Either way, it worked. In this case, having the names of other family members was helpful. 

When I performed my searches I didn't make up a chart as I already had a copy of the manifest--I simply wanted to know how indexed the images. Normally charting out searches is advised. The manifest entry is shown here-it was also included in our initial entry about the contest winner. 

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