Sunday, March 27, 2011

Issue 29-Henry Fecht as Henry Jacobs and Neighbors with Off Names

This is the 1870 census entry for what appears to be Henry Jacobs. As we'll see in an upcoming issue of Casefile Clues, his last name was actually left off the census entry. This entry for Henry is actually the Henry Fecht who was the object of one of our Casefile Clues contests earlier.

And there was a nice surprise when I looked at the family next door. It turns out that the next head of household that looks like "Owen Brause" is actually Ubbe Bruns. "Mary Jacobs" from the Henry Jacobs household was a Bruns before she was married.

Stay tuned for a complete update in Casefile Clues. And remember that it's not about the ethnic groups in the article, it is about making our case, understanding the thought process, citing our sources, and seeing where to go next. Subscribe now to get in on the discovery.

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