Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reminder About What Casefile Clues Is

Someone asked me what makes Casefile Clues different from other genealogy magazines and from the blogs, etc. that are available. Here are a few quick thoughts, partially based on comments I hear from readers and things I keep in mind when I write the newsletter.

Casefile Clues is not about how to use a website. While we use websites to access digital images of records upon occasion, Casefile Clues is not about online database search techniques. We occasionally do discuss general ways to formulate searches of databases but steer away from article after article on how to use various websites.

Casefile Clues is not about news. You  won't find information on the "latest" index that has been released or where the next conference is being held. There are other websites, blogs, etc. that do that.

Casefile Clues is not recycled how-to material. You will not find the same old how-to information that permeates many "how-to" sites and books. Casefile Clues is written up research stories, record analysis, and research suggestions. All of it is based on my own research with focus on process and procedure.

Casefile Clues is detailed. Some problems require more than a 150 or 200 word blog post. We try and provide detailed analysis, written clearly so you can understand and follow the process.

Casefile Clues is delivered weekly to your email inbox as a PDF file at a normal subscription price of $17 a year.

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