Saturday, March 12, 2011

Win A Year of Casefile Clues

I can't find Benjamin Butler in the 1860 census, so I've decided to make locating him a contest for Casefile Clues fans and subscribers--the prize? A year of Casefile Clues. Winners who are not already subscribers will get a yearlong subscription. Current subscribers will have their subscription extended by a year. There will also be the satisfaction of winning!

The first person to submit an entry for a family in the 1860 census for Benjamin Butler will win. However, not just any Benjamin Butler will do. The located entry must be consistent with what is currently known about Benjamin Butler. This blog post contains a list of Benjamin's probable children. Citations and images from Benjamin's 1850, 1870, and 1880 enumerations are included as a part of this post to assist you in playing. To win, a complete citation to the desired entry must be submitted. The decision as to whether or not the entry is at my discretion. Keep in mind that finding a single Benjamin Butler living in say, South Carolina, aged 20 and born in Virginia, is probably not going to win you the contest.

Several issues of Casefile Clues contain information on Benjamin, but there's enough in this post to find him as well. Note: I have not already found Benjamin so I do not know the answer and cannot give any hints. If you are not a subscriber to Casefile Clues, you might want to get the Benjamin Butler Special for $1.75 as it contains analysis and other details on Benjamin.

The Benjamin Butler Search Special includes the following issues of Casefile Clues:

  • Volume 1, Issue 52--Benjamin Butler in 1880 and 1870--correlating an 1880 and 1870 census enumeration when the head of household has a different first name
  • Volume 2-Issue 14--Search Strategy for Benjmamin Butler in pre-1870 Census Records--this looks at ways to find the missing 1850 and 1860 census enumerations for man who "appears" in Iowa in 1870.
  • Volume 2-Issue 17--Bridging a Twenty-Year Census Gap-1870 to 1860. Showing that an 1870 Iowa, 1880 Missouri, and an 1850 Michigan enumeration are for the same man.
  • Volume 2-Issue 26--Formulating the 1860 Search for Benjamin Butler
Non-subscribers can purchase the Benjamin Butler issues for $1.75--the located enumerations for Benjamin appear here along with citations. 

1850 Enumeration
1850 U. S. census, St. Clair County, Michigan, population schedule, Port Huron, p. 281 [stamped upper right], dwelling 281, family 281, household of Benjamin Butler; digital image, ( : accessed 15 November 2010); citing National Archives microfilm publication M432, roll 362.

1870 Enumeration
1870 U. S. census, Davis County, Iowa, population schedule, Soap Creek Township, p. 8, dwelling 55, family 55, Benjamin Butler household; digital image, ( : accessed 15 June 2010); citing National Archives microfilm number M593, roll 386.

1880 Enumeration
1880 U. S. census, Vernon County, Missouri, population schedule, Drywood Township, enumeration district 222, p. 600C (stamped), dwelling 184, family 187, Wm. Butler household; digital image, ( : accessed 10 July 2010); citing NARA microfilm publication T9, roll 739.

Good luck!
Submissions are accepted until someone wins and can be sent to

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