Friday, April 1, 2011

Casefile Clues Contest

Here's our next Casefile Clues contest---win a year-long subscription to Casefile Clues.
The above census entry is for Henry Jacobs Fecht in Prairie Township, Hancock County, Illinois, in 1870. He is listed with his wife Mary/Marie and his four children:

  • Frances--actually Trientje
  • Anna--actually Anke
  • Nancy--actually Nanke
  • George--actually George
Henry has been located again in Prairie Township in 1880 along with George. The first person to find one of the daughters, either Trientje, Anke, or Nanke, will win a year of Casefile Clues. I do not know where these individuals are enumerated in 1880 as I have not found them either. The family is discussed in more detail in Volume 2, issue 29 of Casefile Clues, which can be purchased by non-subscribers for $1. The determination of the winner is at my discretion. If one of the three daughters is in an unexpected location, there has to be some reasonable explanation. Finding them in New York City is NOT likely. 

Send your submission, complete with citation of entry to Michael at Contest open until we have a winner. Good Luck.

If searching for them is too tiring, you can always just subscribe to Casefile Clues and worry about locating your own relatives.  

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