Saturday, April 30, 2011

Casefile Clues Reader Survey Comments

Thanks for all the survey responses. I appreciate all those who took the time to answer questions and provide feedback.

We try and make Casefile Clues different from other genealogical how-to newsletters.

General response to comments:

We are looking to expand our coverage over the next few months, particularly with articles focusing on pre-1800 families. This will take just a little bit of time to get these in the queue as there are a few loose ends and citations that need to be cleaned up before those articles run live.

We are still running behind schedule and working to get caught up. I'm hesitant to churn out several "lite" articles just to get caught up.

Missing issues, subscription problems, etc. can be sent to me at Please open a new, separate email to send emails addressing these issues. Replying to old newsletter emails may cause your reply to get in my spam filter or overlooked.

We are working on formatting and other issues to make the Kindle or e-reader version of Casefile Clues. There's a little more involved that just sending or someone else the PDF and have it distributed, since Kindle or someone else would be distributing the newsletter.

We are changing how we use the Fan Pages on Facebook.

We will continue to focus on problem-solving and will return to some of the families we discussed in earlier issues, particularly tracking the family of Ira Sargent into Michigan and New York State in the early 1800s. Problems on other people in other locations are in the works.

Readers liked not having ads in the newsletters and I like not having ads in the newsletters so that will not change. Traffic on the blog site in all honesty is not high enough to warrant time spent on ad placement and optimization--so that's not happening either.

If you like Casefile Clues, please consider sharing information about it with others. Our marketing efforts are being reduced for the time being so that I can focus on research and writing for the newsletter. Spreading the word to others helps and is greatly appreciated.

I received a lot of constructive feedback and we are working on incorporating that feedback into future issues and direction for Casefile Clues, but our general philosophy will not change. One reader even told me they checked up on my footnotes!

A few reader comments:

The broad spectrum of information - different subjects

Visual examples of the records referred to.

I get to read the thoughts of a professional genealogist as he attempts to solve the same issues that I face. A researcher can read all of the books possible but that is not as good as following the logic and experience of a professional as they walk through the problem step-by-step.

The depth of details. Too many articles hint you are going to know exactly how to do something by reading their article. Then you read it -- and it's all fluff or very beginner information. I appreciate the details you provide and HOW you get to them.

spreadsheets to demonstrate and record all variations of the searches; reminders of assumptions made vs. actual proven facts

the different topics that are covered

I like how you walk through your thought process in analyzing the information. Even though my family history is wildly different from yours, I find that I can extend the concepts to my research.

That it uses real cases to illustrate research strategies. Case studies are always my favorite type of genealogical article to read.

Outside the box thinking - step by step process

I can print the casefile out; take it with me to Dr. offices; work on it while waiting for an appointment...... etc.

Clearly explained theory with solid examples.

Only one? They give a fresh and sometimes new perspective which is always a good thing.

Seeing the way the research is written up and how it is laid out. I'm an analyst by trade, and it can be difficult for me to document things I do intuitively, so I'm learning by reading your newsletter (and thank you for it!).

The emphasis on the approach to a problem and the process of solving a problem.


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