Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pension Record Mentions Family Bible

For issue 33 of Casefile Clues, we are looking at a Union Civil War pension file that for the most part is pretty typical. There is one statement from a local notary public who discusses the family bible that has been brought to him for evidence. Interestingly enough, much of his analysis is similar to what a genealogist would do, although he doesn't discuss primary or secondary information.
I just wish I knew where the bible was today. Apparently in 1913, James Rampley had it.

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  1. In one pension file I came across, a page torn from a family bible had been submitted to the pension office in Washington and its contents were discussed (but not as thoroughly as the deposition you have). A note was included in the file stating that the bible record had been returned to the pensioner.

  2. Part of Miller's response (which I'm assuming he typed himself or dictated) uses phrase taken directly from the letter Rampley received with information on how to prove his date of birth.