Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Survey Results

Thanks to all who completed the Casefile Clues survey. I do appreciate the time that quite a few subscribers took to answer questions. I've been briefly reviewing the results to get a general feel before looking at them in more detail in the next few weeks.
  • There were issues with the maps in the survey. Unforunately, by the time I discovered the "draft" version was the one that went live, results had already been submitted and making corrections would have required a new survey which I didn't want to do.
  • We're making changes on how the Facebook Fan Pages are used, both for Casefile Clues and for Genealogy Tip of The Day.
  • There will be expanded content, geographically and timewise, but this will take a little time to get those pieces in the queue.
  • There won't be ads in the PDF version of the newsletter, largely because I simply don't want to mess with it.  I'm contemplating ads in the blog, but am not certain at this point.
  • Most things are not going to change, based upon the general feedback I received.
  • I am looking additional distribution formats, but that will have to wait.
If you really want to take the survey and missed it, email me at casefileclues@gmail.com and I'll send you the link.


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