Friday, April 1, 2011

Upcoming Topics

Here is what we are working on for the next several issues of Casefile Clues. Bascially we're tying up some loose ends and finishing some things that have been lingering for a while.

  • Will Denied--why a 1880 era will was denied probate--gets into exhaustive searches, viewing things in chronology and looking at legal motivation. 
  • Confederate Claim in New Mexico--we'll look at Joshua's Sledd claim filed in Mesilla, New Mexico, in the 1860s. Hopefully we'll have later updates on him there as well. 
  • Benjamin and Nancy Butler family update--we'll see how research has continued on this family although we probably still won't have Benjamin in 1860. 
  • Henry's 1870 Census Neighbors--we'll look at Henry Jacobs 1870 census neighbors and see what clues are learned from that family. 
  • Sourcing Enoch Tinsley's Birth--we analyzed several records to determine when Enoch and his children were born. We'll look at sourcing when our analysis leads us to a conclusion and not just one record points to the date of an event. 

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